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I realised from the visitor counter that this is more like a personal diary than a blog That's the reason why I'll probably switch back to German. But: Please drop me a line in the comments or via mail/facebook if someone prefers English!!! It's no big deal and I want everyone to be able to read this. So don't hold back to ask me!
What happened since the last entry? Biggest and most important thing: Anna visited me! It was nice to have her again around me. We tried to go up the jura, but close to the summit, we were a bit afraid of the weather and went back. Definitely on the agenda for the next visit! We had of course a cheese fundue and I accidentally tried to haggle with the waiter when I tried to give a tip in perfect fluid French Just remember: 60+15 = 75 but 60+50 = 60,50...french...
We went to Geneva with some friends to watch the Champions league final. What a disappointment... Bayern lost and the beer was 9,10CHF (7,50€).
What's really nice: Breakfast on the balcony with a wonderful view over the alps...
Besides that visit, I realised that you work way to much if you have nothing else to do. But I'm much more effective here. So I got a lot of work done... Ahh ok, and then Diablo 3 arrived... Add me with my googlemail address if you play d3 as well
What else: Morning shifts suck if you have meetings in the evening, you can't change your sleeping habits within 3 days, my paper is (hopefully) close to be finished, fromage blanc != Quark,...
My german mobile phone will be off as I have a swiss number now: +41762153977. I'll be in Germany next week and try to get an old phone to be available again.
I think that's it :-) I'll try to take some pictures on my next trip to the jura and post them.
And just a reminder: We have a guest room in our flat...

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