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I have a flat!

I'll move to:

La rue 106(?)

01710 Thoiry

I am not sure about the house number and as the house is on the corner, not sure about the street either But I'll let you know. Nevertheless, it's here:

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And pictures are HERE
I'll live with two italian guys and a Czech. The house has two guestrooms, so you are all welcome to visit me! There is a balcony (BBQ!!!), a PS3, a big living room, everything you need.

And I realised that a colleague of mine lived there one year ago. It is a bit outside (25min bus + 5-10min walk) but that's ok.

Next week will be "Hostel Hoping" as I have to change my room quite often... But it is ok as I know that I'll inhabit a wonderful flat afterwards.

Out and over,


22.4.12 11:18

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