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Second day

Just to keep the blog up-to-date on the first few dys, some new lines from me.
First of all: I managed to add newline in here
Second day and nothing changed (what a surprise). I'm waiting to get access to my office (my access card is somehow broken) and I refresh the housing market site every 5 sec. I have a two appointments with landlords. Let's see if anything fits my expectations (which are quite low and getting lower every day). One is a bit outside (25min by bus) but would have some space for visitors, the other is a shared flat within walking distance to CERN.
The weather is getting better and we could even eat outside. I definitely need my sun glasses
Tonight, I'll try to find some place to watch the soccer match. I would have preferred the Viva Moguntia, but I think the hostel TV room would be fine.
One upside on living in Switzerland is: No GEMA You can use Grooveshark, watch every youtube video you want, ...
Let's see if I could make some nice pictures (with my fantastic new camera) the next days and put them online.
All the best from the sunny side of europe

17.4.12 17:23

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