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Arrived at CERN

Let's see if this is going to work as good as in Birmingham. I thought since I won't see you in a while, I could at least write a little blog with the biggest news and hopefully some nice pictures. I'm still not sure whether I should write the bolg in german or english. German would be easier, but I need to practice my english a bit and perhaps some non-germans will read this. I'll decide later For the next two weeks, I'll go for house-hunting. Right now, I live in the hostel but I hope to find a flat very soon. If I find a noble supporter, I'll be able to take one of the many offers on the accomodation market > 1000€/month. But until then, I'll have to keep on searching. Wish me luck! Cheers and all the best from Geneva! Your Toby

16.4.12 11:16

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